Thursday, September 27, 2007

Quilts - past and future

In the past, I have made dozens of quilts and usually averaged 3-4 a year. My quilts have never been fancy but are simple, mostly machine made and meant to be used. But the last quilts I made were for Christmas gifts in 2005. I realized I really missed quilting, so I started one last night. I made the first block this morning before work.
One block down, 60 or so more to go!
The current quilt will be a strip or string quilt. I just cut up a bunch of fabric into random width strips. They are 1 to 2 3/4 inches wide. I also cut out 10 inch squares of light fabric that will be the base I piece each square on. The "correct" way would be to use a natural muslin fabric but right now, I am all about using what I have and not spending money on anything I don't have to.
This quilt will be mostly red and blue, with some yellow, green and black. Some of the fabrics have a real country feel to them. I think this quilt will look scrappy, and that is fine with me.

A red, black and white churn dash quilt for John. and a strip pieced quilt of vintage fabric for Jimmy. (2005 quilts)
Plaid scrap quilt for Bobby. (2005)
This one was made in 2004, is all damask scraps and was lots of fun to make. It now lives at the home of one of Jimmy's friends and I hear it looks great in her guest room.


  1. I love your quilts! They are the kinds of quilts I love best and the strip block at the top is beautiful. I love sewing from scraps and with strips. I have to do mine before work alot of the time too. I worked on some chicken napkins and coasters this A.M. Was awake at 4:00 A.M. anyway :o)

  2. I just had to comment again to say the colors in that strip block look so nice together. You make me want to go home and start some blocks just like that. They are so much fun, because each block is different and most everything goes together. The String X baby quilt I made was a leaders and enders project. I just kept little stacks of strips that I wanted to put together in a block pinned together and laying on the machine.

  3. They are beautiful! It is going to come together really nicely. Do you quilt stitch or do you tie your quilts? I hand stitched one and it took FOREVER and was so hard on the fingers. So I tie mine now and I like the casual look it gives. Looking forward to seeing your progess. Cheers! Esther

  4. I loved seeing your quilts Rhonda. After all these years on CHL, I never knew you quilted! Quilts should be used. I only do heavy and fancy quilting on my wall quilts which I hang up. They are used in a way that you can do that fancier hand quiting.

    I really love your string quilt you have started. That is going to be such a cheerful quilt too with your color choices. I have seen these and always wanted to try but still haven't. Are you having fun doing it? It is nice to just sit and sew and not think about everything being just right. Maybe I will follow your example soon and try one. It would be a great way to use up some fabric stash.

    Is this quilt going to be for yourself?

  5. Rhonda, I love your blog site. I asked Nina if you made the quilts and she said yes and I said, when did she have time?!? They are beautiful! You inspire me. Brenda (Nina's co-worker)

  6. Brenda, you asked when I have the time. I usually work part time. Before that I worked crazy jobs like cooking for fraternities but it was nice to only work the school calendar.
    I have always just had a need to sew or do crafts or any kind of handwork. I got in trouble in 5th grade because I was in the back of the room embroidering instead of reading.
    And I don't have any grandchildren yet. But I guess when I do, I will spend my time sewing baby blankets and toys.
    Thanks so much for the complements, Brenda.

  7. Heidi,
    I do intend on keeping this quilt but I will just have to see when it gets done.
    This strip quilt is a perfect project for using up an abundance of fabric. And it is truly a no-brainer!

  8. oh wow....are you a wonderful qulter or what..beautiful


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