Friday, November 30, 2007

Living room trees

I like to put up multiple trees each with its own scheme. This one has clear lights with mostly pink and green vintage ornaments and beaded icicles I made. At the top you can see a rhinestone tiara that Nina got when she was queen of something in high school, I think it was a harvest festival maybe.
This tree has "fancy" ornaments and clear lights. The tree skirt did not photograph well but it is sparkly white felt edged with silver sequined fabric from one of Nina's old formals.
This tree has the sentimental ornaments.
Santa, now we just need some presents!


  1. Like you I love to have a few trees in the house. They make every room feel really christmassy when you walk into them. Your trees look great - must admit I havent even unpacked ours yet.

  2. I loved looking at your trees Rhonda! How fun that you have three large ones. I have a large one and a small one up and plan to put up a stick tree in my quilt studio over the weekend. My tree is on my blog right now but I hope to show the other two next week. It is so hard to pick just one theme that having more trees is the solution. I see some handstitched ornaments on the third tree. It is so neat that you used the tiara and Nina's formal for your trees!

    ~~ Heidi ~~


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