Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend doings

I bought a few pansies at Lowes. After I cleaned out all the outdoor pots, I planted them in pots but the front and back doors. They survived the re-planting and are doing great. I love to have pansies because they usually bloom until spring, even if we get have ice and snow.
I found this neat kit for just under $6 at Lowes. I contained the pots, soil and 4 healthy paperwhites bulbs and 1 amaryllis bulbs
Made a quadruple batch of salad crackers for home and cookies for a church activity.
Started Christmas shopping! These gifts are all for parents and siblings that we will see Thanksgiving, but not on Christmas.
So on my to-do list for this week is to wrap and tag all those gifts.
The prairie dresses are finished too! They just need to be checked for threads and pressed. YEA!


  1. What a busy weekend you had and really successful by the look of it. well done.

  2. You had a wonderfully successful weekend! I love to plant pansies for the winter. They survive happily in slight frosts. And you planted bulbs to force for the holidays which is a major thing around here. How fun! I hope you will share them in bloom.

    By the way, Jos heard a thing on the radio warning that we should be getting a cold winter. A British scientist says this is the 22 year cycle of the sun and it is at its lowest strength this winter. It has to do with all the measuring of the sun storms. Your new quilt will come in handy if this ends up being true.

    ~~ Heidi ~


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