Thursday, November 1, 2007

No sewing, no thrift shopping, but..........

I have been really busy with my job this week. I live in a college town and I don't work for the university, but my job revolves around the university. I work for a staffing company that provides the university with some of the workers they need to run their ticketed events. I work in the office and never work the actual events ( crowds give me the creeps)
And this week has been crazy-busy! We are staffing 2 football games, a big soccer game, a wrestling match and 3 double-header basketball games in a 10 day span.
Most of our workers are great. They like the university and just want to be involved in the programs. Many are students, retirees or working people who just need some extra cash. We also hire groups who are doing fund-raising.
My thrifty advice is if you need some extra income and you live anywhere near a town with a college or big sporting events, you might want to look into how they run their events. Most big arenas hire workers as needed. The work is not hard, but if you like to talk to people and don't mind standing up for long shifts, event staffing might be a great fit for you.

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  1. Wow. Hard work, to be sure! Have a great weekend! Love, Esther


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