Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Newest project

My state, Oklahoma will be celebrating it's 100th birthday next week.

I don't plan on dressing in period clothing but my friend, Jimmie Sue and her daughter, Abigail, want prairie dresses to wear. Jimmie Sue is a public school music teacher and she says the entire elementary school will be dressing up on Nov. 16th. Jimmie Sue is so sweet and a really good friend but she does not plan ahead. She called me last night about making the dresses so I met her at Wal-mart and we got the fabric, patterns and notions.

They are not complicated but they have to be finished in 8 days!

Update - I cut them out Wednesday and got started with the sewing on the aprons this morning. I am feeling a bit more confident they will be completed.


  1. If I had somewhere more exciting to be other than in an office by myself, I'd dig out my own prairie dress and bonnet, put on one of grandma's aprons and play dress up on the 16th.

    Cute dresses and even cuter fabric. I hope you take photos and show us when they are finished. Maybe your friends will model them, if you promise not to show their heads. LOL

  2. Some people work better under pressure. My daughter always did her best work if she waited until the last minute! Good luck. I'm sure they will be done in time and turn out beautiful. The fabric and pattern are cute!


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