Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas cookies

Nina wanted to make lots of Christmas cookies so that is what we did this afternoon. We baked 5 kinds.
Jeff is taking the assorted tray to work tomorrow, I wanted to put them on the pretty red plate but he was afraid it might get broken so his work cookies are in a stainless steel baking pan.
Shaker Spice cookies are in the top left can.
Teresa Smith's Pecan Delights are in the lower right.
Betty Crockers Coconut Chew Bars
Mexican Wedding Cookies a.k.a. Russian Tea Cakes a.k.a. Snowball cookies
Oatmeal coconut cookies


  1. looks like lots of work but probably lots of fun went into these cookies

  2. I have a friend coming to spend the afternoon with me and we are going to talk lots, stitch a little and bake some Russian tea cakes. :)
    Your cookies look so yummy!

    Christmas hugs ~

  3. Great cookies! What fun to bake together!

  4. We're baking cookies tomorrow. Your's look delicious and I'm sure it was fun!

    Warmest wishes for a lovely Christmas!


  5. A cookie baking session sounds so fun! We have been rolling out chocolate covered pretzles like crazy, and I am craving something new now. Those snowball cookies look yummy!

  6. Oh bother! I thought I was done making cookies but those Russian tea cakes look so tempting.
    Do you have a special recipe?

  7. Oh!!! What a wonderfully sweet post!! You did good.

    Merry Christmas!


  8. Would you share your recipe for the Shaker Spice Cookies? They look delicious!!


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