Monday, December 8, 2008

Stockings tweaked

My kids thought since the new candy cane stockings are all the same, Santa would get mixed up and not put the right gifts in the right stockings. So I got some green felt and heat and bond and cut out and ironed on names for them all.
Everybody happy now?
I spray painted the stocking holders too, changed them from silver to white.


  1. Ooh cute! They look like Dr. Suess stockings now :) Perfect for Whooville!

  2. I'm glad you still do stockings. I was afraid my adult kids thought it was silly. One said she (step daughter) didn't want a stocking, just cash and gift cards. The other one (daughter) says she wants a stocking forever. She loves the goodies and really uses the stuff. Go figure. I guess I can put a gift card in the stocking of the one who doesn't want it any more. Great looking stockings you have there!

  3. They look so cute and Christmassy! I like the holders painted white!


  4. Love all the decorations, very pretty!!


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