Friday, December 26, 2008

Family pictures - Christmas 2008

Fletch - Bobby and Bridgette's dog- waiting for everything to start.
Jeff looking at some new bottles of wine
Bobby in an action shot - but I can't figure what he is doing.

Just getting starting with the unwrapping.

Bobby, Bridgette and Fletch - trying out their new quilt.
Bridgette, opening a lamp.
Christmas Eve - 9 of us went to Candlelight services, then came here for snacks and Mexican Train Dominoes. This is me, Nina, and Denise, John's mom.
Bobby, modeling a hat he got from Uncle Bert.

Clint and Amanda opening some baby clothes, their first baby should arrive around Feb. 12.
Nina, showing one of her new cupcake plates.- John looks thrilled about them.
Jimmy and Nina, Christmas eve.
The mess afterward
more mess
Jeff smoked a turkey and pork loins. While he sliced them, Fletch and Theo both hoped and waited for their taste test.
Theo wants to make sure Jeff knows he wants some of that smoked meat.


  1. What sweet family (both 2 and 4 paws)! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Love the quilt!!!

  2. I can just imagine all the love in your home during this Christmas! That is an amazing quilt too! Evidently those dogs have had a treat snook to them before and they haven't forgotten! They are funny! LOL

  3. Love the dogs! My doggie was so excited that there was meat in the the house since my parents brought a ham! They gave her the bone and she ate it in minutes.
    Looks like a Merry Christmas to me!


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