Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lunch at Nina and John's

Nina and John hosted a very nice birthday lunch for me. Jimmy helped them in the kitchen and they made a double batch of lasagna roll-ups filled with ricotta, spinach and mushrooms. Nina said it was their version of an Ellie Krieger recipe.

Jimmy's version of artistic photography - I was opening a gift.
Nina and her baby, Zerbie, the worlds largest Doberman.


  1. I just Nina would make her mother the best of lunches. It sounds so yummy and I wish I could have a bite of the leftovers...where there any leftovers? :) Am I crazy or does Zerbie look bigger than Nina? Once again, a happy birthday Rhonda!

    Christmas hugs ~

  2. Heidi,
    Zerbie is almost as big as Nina. I think Zerbie is about 110 pounds and Nina weighs a little more than that but not much.

    Yes, there were some leftovers. I brought some home and Nina and John kept some.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  3. I dont believe Zerbie is the largest doberman, i Own a dobe, Pandora, who is a red, and she weighs in at 127 pounds, Im six foot one, and her back when she leans upon me while petting is even with my hip....Have a wonderful day, and hes a beautiful black and tan....


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