Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sample shots on my new camera

These are some random pictures I have taken with my new camera. They don't have a theme, just shots around my home and neighborhood. I just wanted to see how they looked on the internet.
Theo is really good about posing when I have a camera out.
close up of the Christmas tree

In a backyard several blocks away, taken with the zoom.
Another neighbor's porch

My dad's favorite barn. I used the zoom for this one as it is across the highway from our addition.


  1. How fun to have a new toy! Theo looks like a ham. I enjoyed seeing some things around your neighborhood. You live in a beautiful country area. How lucky!

    Christmas hugs ~

  2. I am sooo jealous of your new camera! I long for one that takes pictures like yours..clear, crisp and wonderful. To be able to see beautiful details has got to be such a neat experience. Gorgeous! :)
    I'll be back to see what you have photographed next. Your family looks like a happy bunch!
    Happy New Year!


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