Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An award from an old friend

I've talked before about YahooGroups. I joined one list about home living about 10 years ago. The main group is still active and it has several spin-off lists about specific topics. It is just the nicest group of women and that is where I met Heidi.

Heidi was born in the states and has been living in Holland a number of years. She is an amazing needle artist and has the most interesting blogs.

I feel very honored that she wrote about one of my blog posts on her blog and she gave me this award.
If you want to see some some beautiful quilts and cross stitch, wonderful pictures of Holland and darling ideas for holidays, travel over to see Heidi
Like my friend Joanne did, I am giving this award to the Creative Home Life blog and all the blogs of the members of Creative Home Life.

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  1. Thank you for your kind comments about my needlework. I am so glad you started blogging as I feel like I have really been able to share your world much more. For that reason, you deserved this award!

    Hugs ~


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