Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Pickens Plan

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Boone Pickens is man who is making the biggest impact on my town pretty much since this town started. He has donated many millions to our university and along with his money, his plan for an athletic department is being implemented at break neck speed. Some people love him and lots of people can't stand him. But no one can deny he is successful and gets things done.

Boone has been on every news show I have watched in the last 2 days talking about his energy plan. He makes a lot of sense. We certainly cannot keep spending $4.00 and more for gasoline and sending $700 Billion to pay for this oil to countries that mostly hate us.

If you have not seen Boone this week, watch this video. He thinks we need to switch to natural gas for most of our power in the short term and wind power in the long term.

Neither the Democrats or Republicans seem to have an energy plan. At least Boone has one.


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