Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shopping deals for today

Walgreens had another of their one day, end of the month coupons today. It was $5 off $20, and my Walgreens made sure the purchase after other coupons was at least $20. I got 6 more Olay body wash. They were 6 for $20, I had a $2 coupon for each one and earned a $7 register reward. (I did this deal twice already) I also got 2 cases of water, not pictured.
My total before all coupons and discounts was $49
My total after coupons was $20 and I have that $7 RR to spend at Walgreens later.
I learn about most Walgreens deals at, the forums there explain these deals much better than I do.

This sweet handmade towel is a thrift store purchase, just $1. It is hanging on the oven handle right now but I will store it away until Valentines Day.
A like-new really comfy and sturdy solid oak glider chair and ottoman from Salvation Army for $30. I hope to recover it, even though the upholstery looks fine, I would prefer a different color.


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  2. Wow, what great bargains you got there. Love the chair, I am looking into buying a nice rocking chair for my daughter for her new baby and they cost a small fortune.


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