Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rummage Sale finds

Jeff and I went to the library and Wal-mart this morning. In between the 2, we drove by a rummage sale in a bank parking lot. It was already 9:30 so I was not expecting to find any good stuff left.
I bought these 2 very over-sized mugs for just $1 for the pair.

Jeff spotted these beauties and bought them for Jimmy for $2. Jimmy will like them and they do match his little law school apartment. They are tall, almost 20 inches and seem to be a nice quality porcelain or ceramics. The people running the sale said they had been laughing about them all morning and were joking that they would see us on Antiques Road Show getting these appraised for $10,000.

I think they are probably just worth $2 but if they do end up being a treasure, Jimmy can sell them and pay off some of his student loans.

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