Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thrift store gem

I have not been going to thrift stores much but I needed to go to Walgreens and my favorite thrift store is just about halfway between my work and Walgreens so I made the tiny detour and stopped today.
I bought this wonderful hooked rug for just $4.50! It is all handmade and I think it is several years old but is really clean so I don't think it is have ever been on any one's floor before.

By our front door.

I think it will look even better when I take that fluorescent orange price tag off.


  1. That is beautiful and a great bargain too!

  2. Oh Rhonda, your hooked rug is just beautiful. I cannot imagine how much work went into it, and for $4.50, OMG!!! I'm glad you found it. I'm sure you will cherish it because I know that you know just how much work and love went into making of it.
    Take care.

  3. I love it! It maks a difference when you know what you are looking at! I bet most people passed it by, not realizing the treasure it was. You, on the other hand, knew what you were doing!



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