Saturday, July 26, 2008

Walgreens Dove Deal

The July Walgreens Easy Saver booklet had a coupon for $2 off every 2 Dove hair items. They also put it on sale for $4.99, buy 1 get 1 free. I had 18 $1.50 coupons on these.
So I combined all the deals today and got 18 Dove products.
My total was $5.34 and $3.93 of that was Oklahoma sales tax. I should of added a small filler item because my last $1.50 coupon beeped.
But I gave that last coupon to the cashier and she was very happy so she could get some shampoo while she was at work.


  1. Oh, YAY!!! You did soooo good..I really like the Dove products too--they are a name you can trust--Great deal:)


  2. Do you use these all yourself, or what do you do with them?

  3. Miriam
    While I do use a lot of hair care products on my own head, I share all of my bargains generously with my adult children and their friends too.

    For me, stockpiling during a great sale like this one, so I don't have to always buy everything at full price, is what keeps my household spending to my goal too.


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