Saturday, February 14, 2009

Baby Shower for Gavin

Gavin and his mom Amanda were honored with a shower held by some of their country neighbors and family this morning.
Gavin with his Grandmother. He has gained 13 ounces since leaving the hospital and weighs 6 pounds-15ounces now.
Great Aunt Bettie Jeannine holding Gavin beside his mom Amanda

Amanda, the new mom, with the food table.
My photography is not so great here, the red stuff up high is decorating a light fixture and in reality looks very pretty, but it just looks silly in this pic. Sorry!

Baby Gavin, cuddling with his Grandma Ruthie. Ruthie lives in Indiana and will be driving back on Monday. I am afraid she will have tears in her eyes the whole trip.
Lots of women and lots of presents. Gavin got so many nice presents, a quilt, 2 afghans, lots of clothes, a hamper, toys, bibs, a pack and play. I can't give a full list because there were too many things for me to remember.
My mom, the Queen of Crochet, made this receiving blanket with a green crocheted edge. She embroiders too and put the cute frog on it. She also crocheted this afghan.


  1. Hello Rhonda,
    How beautiful. I just love baby clothes and blankets.
    What a fun day.

  2. What a fun time everyone must have had! I love the blankets your mom made for the baby. How sweet! Is this your house? It's very pretty!

  3. Rhonda,
    The blog looks great! Also, I bow to the Queen! Your mom did a most excellent job on the blanket. I'm showing that one to my daughter, who just knitted a bib for a little one from church. I'm sure she'll be impressed as well. Always love your blog!

  4. Susan, you are right that it is a very pretty house but it is not my house.
    This home belongs to Jeff's cousin Roy and his wife Kay. Kay is quite a collector and decorator.

  5. I LOVE the blanket your Mom crocheted, it is so beautiful. I wish I could learn to crochet.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Love & Prayers


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