Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thrift store finds

When my parents visit us, they love to go all the thrift stores in my town. There are 5 that I go to often and another one that I rarely shop.
Friday, we went to my 5 favorites and today we hit all 6.

Today, I got the treasures in the above picture
a set of 1960 home economists favorites cook books
2 Dick Van Dyke dvds
a pint Dress Barn knit top for me
a like new king size floral sheet - lots of fabric for other projects
and 2 rolls of Hallmark wire edge pink checked ribbon
Friday, I bought several things but these sheets are my favorite. They are like new even though I know they were purchased at Sears in the 70's. They will be perfect for the bed in our guest room.
up close picture of the 5 cook books - they are just like new condition too. I guess whoever they belonged to was not a cook. But I will use them often!


  1. I love to find great finds like you did! I try to find items that I can use the fabric from. I have found some of the softest denim that way. I recently found two like new pink pillow cases that I love. I think they are older too. They just feel better than some of the newer ones you buy now.

  2. Oh, I just noticed your new blog design.... my Cozy Cabins Quilt colors (pink and brown), in fact I have some similar fabric I think.

    Very Pretty!

  3. LOVE the sheets! I think I might have had a set like that back in the day!

  4. I just love to go thrifting. Its just as fun to see what others find too! Great bargains!


  5. Susan, may parents did have sheets just like this too. Mom says they used theirs until they just fell apart.

    Sears also sold the same print in a brown - I think it was brown and blues but it might of been browns and oranges.

    I was thrilled to find them, my set was $5, no pillowcases though.
    But I have several sets of embroidered ones that be perfect with them.

  6. That sheet set reminds my of my grandparents house! They still have those in the guest bedroom.

  7. I just had a serious flashback to 1977. I have those sheets and my mom even made a set into a comforter (if I am remembering correctly). I used them until they were threadbare because I loved them so much.
    Thank you for letting me remember a happy moment.
    Love & Prayers
    Carrie (the other Okie)

  8. Great finds! The sheets re really cute! I love old cookbooks

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  10. Aren't thrift stores so much fun!!!

  11. You found some great bargains! Bet there are some great recipes in those cookbooks. :)

  12. Those sheets are fabulous. I had them in my bedroom when I was a girl. When I saw the picture I couldn't believe all the memories that came back. Thanks!!!

  13. You find the neatest stuff. I love the look of a casserole cookbook. I bet there will be some fun recipes to try out for many days to come.

    Hugs ~


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