Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week #5 - 2009

Shopping this week was not just the usual stuff, I bought extra because we had house guests for 3 days, snacks for while we watched the Super Bowl and I found very good meat sales at 2 different stores and a great sale/coupon deal on laundry products at Family Dollar.
What I bought
grape and roma tomatoes
2 bags romaine hearts
2 dozen eggs
soft butter
2 gallons milk
flour, powdered and brown sugar
2 pounds crackers and 2 bags chips
wheat bread and wheat hot dog buns
3 Grands biscuits
4 assorted packs of soda
3 2 liters diet root beer
4 Excedrin
3 Tide, 3 Gain, 1 Gain fabric softener
2 lb bacon
3 pounds Cure 81 sliced ham
4 lbs chicken tenders
arm roast, eye of round roast, sirloin roast, petite sirloin steaks (all beef)
pork sirloin chops
3 whole turkey breasts

Actual meals
vegetable beef stew
fried rice with egg rolls
turkey hot dogs with chili, big salad
pork loin sandwiches, baked beans, big salad, oatmeal cake and key lime pie
breakfast sausage, eggs, biscuits and OJ
lunch roast beef with noodles, big salad, desserts
chips and cheese dip, summer sausage and crackers during Super Bowl
(I cooked big amounts of main dishes while we had company. If food is good the first time, it is usually good reheated. My hubby thinks leftovers are great but I do know leftovers won't please everyone. They can be big money and time savers.)

for more real shopping trips and totals, go see Gayle at the Grocery Cart Challenge

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