Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Junk drawer not junky anymore!

Debbie at Homemaking Dreams has a 2009 home to do list on her blog and she is posting her before and after pictures. Her pictures inspired me to clean out our junk drawer.


and just 15 minutes later
just a little better, don't you think?
I left a place for Jeff's cell phone charger. There were 4 chargers in the drawer and I know which one is mine, but I left the other 3 on the counter so he can put his correct one in the drawer.

Go see Debbie if you need more inspiration than just a junk drawer. She has done a great job decluttering and organizing.


  1. Want to come clean my junk drawer? Please!!

  2. WoW impressive... Can you come organize mine??

  3. Jen, I'll be out to California right to help you right after I help Susan in South Carolina!

    wish I really could.

  4. Rhonda, it looks soooo good! I cleaned out my junk drawer a while back and its already junky again.... :o( People keep getting things out and throwing them back in haphazardly! LOL


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