Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fix it , Make it and Break it Tuesday

Nina brought over some quilts to wash. She made both of these quilts for John near the beginning when they started dating. I think both have been used lots.
Zerbie, normally a very good dog, thought she need to taste the orange and black quilt.
I fixed it by sewing on some more orange fabric to repair the binding.

Almost all of the ties had come off of this red and blue quilt. So I re-tied it after it was laundered. It is just a twin size so it did not take very long.
I bought this brown fabric at Walmart in September to make a curtain for Jimmy's apartment. I finally got around to sewing it up today.
And I bought 8 black and white mugs at Dollar Tree but in my rush to answer the phone as I got home, the sack ripped, they fell onto our tile floor and everyone of them broke.
The phone call ---- they hung up!


  1. Oh Rhonda! I'm sorry about the mugs, but at least they are easily replaced and not too much money, depending on how many there were! You did a great job repairing the quilt and I bet the curtains look great too.

    I hate when those plastic bags tear open. I remember some glass bottles of catsup falling through a tear in a bag and breaking on the brick steps. What a mess!

  2. Awww, sorry about the mugs! They look like they were pretty. Why not keep them and make something mosaid out of them. You did a great job fixing the quilt!


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