Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Week #8 - 2009

We've been using cloth bags for a few months and they are great. Besides saving plastic, they are so much easier to carry groceries around in. The purple one came in the mail. The big one is from Aldis (Jeff bought 2 of them there for $1.99 each) hold so much stuff. It also seems to take less time to unsack and put away groceries when I don't have to deal with all those plastic bags.

Pictured above - some of the groceries I bought this week

2 loaves light wheat bread - I like to go to the bread store for the lower price and most of their products are just as fresh as at a regular store
corn tortillas
Quaker snacks - used $1 coupon
black pepper
2 salt substitutes
2 cans beef broth
2 light Caesar dressings (used $1 coupons on these, got them for 77 cents each)
8 Grands - on sale for $1 and used coupons
2 gallons milk
1 gallon OJ
Romaine hearts
spring mix salad
2 iceberg lettuce
baby carrots
Red grapes, onions, apples and potatoes
yellow onions
baby carrots
grape and Roma tomatoes
Dog Treats used B1G1F coupon - 3.77 each
sandwich baggies
2 Suave lotions used free coupons
3 12packs Schick Razors used $2 coupons
2 2 liter Diet Dr. Peppers one bought with a free coupon

Actual Meals
dinner out at Joseppis with my parents, Nina and John
shepherds pie
chicken parmesan with penne pasta, green salad
cereal for breakfast
sandwiches for lunch
turkey tacos with corn tortillas for supper
oatmeal pancakes with homemade syrup for breakfast
turkey breast with gravy, dressing, steamed potatoes and a big green salad for lunch
leftover taco fixings for supper
leftovers from Sunday lunch
Monterrey Chicken with brown rice and a big green salad

For more real women shopping on a budget and their meals, visit Gayle at Grocery Cart Challenge


  1. Aren't those Aldi bags AWESOME??? I'll be filling mine there today, doing my every-other-week Aldi-only grocery trip. Wish me luck!

  2. I have 10 of those fabric bags from Crest, here in OKC. I take them into whatever store I'm going to - I LOVE THEM! No more ripping bags halfway between the car and the house door.

    I sure miss our bread store here. Used to get such good deals there. There are still some open here in the city but not close enough to warrant the drive. Sad.

  3. We just got our Aldi about 9 months ago. The one in Missouri where I used to live was gross and I never went there. And, typically, they are in not-so-nice parts of town. But Owasso, where we live, doesn't really have a bad part, so it's great! Hopefully you will get one, too! It's been my lifesaver!


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