Friday, May 1, 2009

Bunch of Bibs

Baby Gavin spits up, I guess most all babies do, so to keep his clothes a little cleaner, I thought he needed some bibs. I had an assortment of soft childrens prints flannel scraps. I used this PDF pattern at Nested for the basic shape.
Mine are all just 2 layers of flannel, no batting for the filling, I think the flannel will be absorbent enough.
I ended up making 9 in all, they really sewed up fast!

All of them have Velcro for the fasteners.


  1. Rhonda,
    Thanks for the comment about all my finds! Did I hit the jackpot or what??? There was a four family sale, and they didn't even have all their stuff out yet! At first, I asked if they were having a fundraiser, b/c they had SO MUCH STUFF. (three rows of tables down the driveway of a duplex!) Anyway, I also purchased a Champion juicer there, which I didn't post on my blog. I got it for $15. I was just so blessed! God is good. Anyway, I love the bibs. I just saw ones like you made, but they were made with oil cloth, so they were wipeable. Isn't that a good idea for the near future, when precious Gavin begins eating those yummy orange carrots and sweet potatoes? You did a great job! Blessings, friend!

  2. Love the bibs and thanks for the link I'll need to check it out for my future grand baby.

  3. SUPER cute! Brody spits up a lot too, I'll have to have my sewing friends make these for him!

  4. Cute! Thanks for the link to the template. I know of a lot of babies being born this year, and this looks like an easy-enough-for-even-me sort of sewing project!

  5. I love your bibs! Somehow I always forget about making these when baby shower time comes around.

  6. Rhonda, just printed out the bib pattern. I usually do burp rags for gifts and then for little girls I crochet on soxs using the tri-beads.


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