Friday, May 8, 2009

What kind of house are you?

My friend Terri has a quiz link on her blog.
Just answer the 10 multiple choice questions at Front Door. Com and it will tell you what kind of house personality you are.

Terri says her type is a refined Victorian.

It says I am solid as a Ranch house!
Simple and suburban by nature, you exude a cozy warmth that lets people know you don't mind if they leave their shoes on in the house -- it's only carpet, after all! Family and friends are important to you, and you love having them stop by. While not overly fussy or vain, you care about your looks -- but honestly, you're happiest in sweatpants. To you, life isn't measured in the goods you've acquired, but in time well spent.

The description fits me pretty well, and our home is pretty much a ranch style home too. But I think most every home in Oklahoma built after 1970 is a ranch style.

The quiz and it's graphic are fun if you have a few minutes to spare.

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