Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grocery budget Week 20 - 2009

another glimpse of my kitchen

Dollar Tree
5 loaves of bread - I was very happy to find the high-fiber bread we like so I stocked up and froze the extras
100 Walgreens brand trash bags - their house brand makes a very sturdy, reasonable priced line of trash bags
Food Pyramid
gallon of OJ
7.5 pounds ground beef
2 bags tortilla chips, 1 drink mix, 5 bottles of diet soda
iceberg lettuce, bell pepper, Romaine hearts
1/2 gallon milk, 2 dozen eggs, 2 sliced cheese, 2 pounds cheddar, 1 Activia yogurt
3 salad dressings, 2 mustards,
10 pounds fresh chicken,
french bread
saran wrap

May 13
deluxe nachos
May 14
beef stew and cornbread
May 15
burgers on homemade buns with potatoes
May 16
cinnamon rolls for breakfast
sandwiches for lunch
homemade pizza for supper
May 17
eggs, ham, toast and eggs for breakfast
chicken, oven roasted asparagus and french bread for lunch
leftovers for supper
May 18
chili and a big salad
May 19
Roast beef with rice, broccoli and a big salad

Visit Gayle at the Grocery Cart Challenge for more shopping and meal plans.


  1. Our Dollar Tree doesn't carry bread but I've been getting the good whole wheat bread for 1.29 at the discount bread store. I will keep checking DT though. Our DT moved into a bigger store so I thought they might start having more grocery type items.

  2. Are those the Tuf bags at Walgreen's you're talking about? I got some kitchen size ones for free a while back and was quite pleasantly surprised at how sturdy they are!

  3. You have a super clean kitchen! I so love your weekly budget posts... You are my hero!

    I got Brody's bibs yesterday! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We did a photo shoot with them today and it will be my blog post tomorrow!! Thank you again, you are SOOOOO sweet!!

  4. Rachel- yes, the Tuf brand bags are what I buy. I have no idea why I thought they were Walgreens brand, I guess because I always buy them there.
    The big lawn and leaf size works great too.


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