Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 19 - 2009

May 6
homemade pizza with salad
May 7
pasta with Roma sauce, salad
May 8
salad, smoked pork loin and baked potatoes
May 9
multi grain pancakes for breakfast
sandwiches and salad for lunch
nachos for supper
May 10
biscuits and sausage for breakfast
lunch out
May 11
Turkey fajitas
May 12
Indian Tacos

The freezer - restocked with meat -
this was a high-spending week, before we went shopping, the only meat in the freezer was a turkey and some smoked pork

Dollar Tree

3 loaves high fiber bread

Walmart, Food Pyramid and IGA

1 Gallon OJ, 2 Lb butter, 1/2 gallon milk, 1/2 gallon ice cream, Cool Whip, sliced cheese and 3 bags grated cheese, 3 cans Grands biscuits

Yellon onions, celery, carrots, strawberries, tomatoes and asparagus

Spiral Ham, Cure 81 Ham (we sliced this for sandwiches) hot dogs, 3 rolls of breakfast sausage, 3 Rump Roasts, 7 pounds Round Steak, 1 chicken, 6 pounds chicken breasts, 6 pounds ground round

10 Pace products, 4 tomato sauce, olive oil, ketchup, 7 2 liter diet soda, 2 Dog Treats

bleach cleaner, Cascade and 2 boxes Ziploc freezer bags

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  1. Rhonda,
    Your menu sounds yummy as usual! I'm curious as to what is in the ziploc freezer containers, that looks good too. :)

  2. Hi Lyn, it is always nice to hear from you!

    In the plastic containers
    on the top, one is homemade enchilada sauce and other one is sliced ham for sandwiches.

    The 4 all the same size are sliced, smoked pork loin. Jeff has a big smoker in the backyard and when porkloins go on sale, he will smoke 40 or so pounds. Then he slices them and we freeze them in meal size portions. I think they are the ultimate in fast food for a quick meal at home.

    The round pink container is pink lemonade, we have a Pampered Chef ice shaver from a garage sale and we can make slushies at home.

  3. I know you haven't been home full time for long but all that you do is inspirational to me. I haven't had the energy to do as much as I would like to lately but I really enjoy reading about your accomplishments.

    I still remember your post on the freezer sausage and biscuit breakfast sandwiches and I remember drooling over those. :) Your freezer looks well-fed!


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