Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 21 - 2009

Not too much shopping or cooking at home this week as we were out of town Friday - Monday.

What I bought

celery and carrots
10 packs Kraft cheese - priced matched them at $1.59 each and used coupons on all of them
light sour cream
1/2 gallon skim milk
3 Kraft barbecue sauces 97 cents each, used $1 coupon on each one
2 Premium saltines - used $1 coupon on each
baking powder - used 65 cent coupon
Crystal light - used $1 coupon
corn tortillas
12 tomato sauce
big box of Pop Ice
Febreeze plug in- used $4 coupon
4 spools thread
5 12 count Schick razors - $1.97 each, used $2 coupon on each

what we ate
May 20
enchiladas and salad
May 21
marinated chicken with salad, broccoli and spinach
May 22 - May 25
out of town
May 26
Dutch Farmers dinner - made with ham chunks and wheat free oatmeal cookies

for more shopping trips and menus, visit Gayle at the http://grocerycartchallenge.blogspot.com/

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  1. I just love peeking into peoples kitchens~~Great Menu too!



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