Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

I might should of titled this post "wedding leftovers" Nina used whole coffee beans at her reception. We bought large vases and filled them with coffee beans and then had blue and brown balloons coming out of the top of every one. The reception room was very large but the twenty five arrangements of coffee beans gave just a beautiful scent to the room. Nina bought 60 pounds of beans from a discount coffee seller in Oklahoma City. When we filled the vases, 30 pounds were plenty to fill them all. We thought guests would take center pieces home with them but I guess they were all happy with candy boxes and no one took coffee.
So now we have lots and lots of coffee beans. I don't drink coffee and neither does the bride but my husband does.
He says it is really good coffee too. We don't have a coffee grinder and I did not want to buy one because we won't use coffee beans normally. My Kitchenaid food processor does a good job of grinding them though.
We have been giving beans to all our friends, family and co-workers that like coffee but we have only gotten rid of half of them so far.

The 30 pounds still left.
Fresh ground coffee for Jeff, the in laws and the groom. And some bags for the inlaws if they want to grind more.

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