Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rummage sale finds

I have not done much thrift type shopping lately, I have been busy with projects at home and have gotten quite a few things from the newlyweds as they sort their presents and what they already owned. But I had the itch for shopping and stopped at one sale on the way home from work Friday and then got up early to go to one held by bank employees in their bank's parking lot. I spent a total of $6.25.

9 new and/or laundered once kitchen towels - I really like the rooster ones, a quarter each. 2 of them have the crocheted top so they attach to the oven handle and won't fall off
2 Pyrex bowls 50 cents each
candy jar with no lid that I think Jimmy will want .25
3 new billfolds for me - I won't use them all at once but they were brand new and priced low one is Bass and one fake Coach and the other is white faux leather with a cross on the front
Samsonite tote bag .25
expandable rack.25
Betty Crocker Boys & Girlscookbook - just a quarter and clean but the pages are coming loose from the binding

We got to the first sale a little before 7:00 am and the weather was pleasant but by 7:50, it was already hot. And it was time to come home to the A/C and a glass of iced tea.


  1. You are definately the queen of the bargain rummage sale finds! I am always amazed at what you find and then the prices. I have that Betty Crocker boys and girls cookbook from when I was a girl and just love it!

  2. Great finds. I love the towels!

  3. I love the Rooster teatowels - what great finds you have


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