Friday, August 10, 2007

Gift bag storage

I currently have a lot of gift bags on hand right now. Some were bought very cheap on clearance, some are from gifts we have received and the most recent ones are from some of the many gifts the bride and groom received. All the ones I saved are very sturdy and look good as new. From a green point of veiw and from a thrifty point of veiw, it only makes sense to reuse them.
I got this idea from Meridith at She used a bracket and says it holds her stash of 50 bags. I did not have a bracket but I did find some large nails in hubby's tool box. The nails were free too!
I hung them in the bottom of my craft closet and the container full of roll wrap sits comfortably in front of them on the floor.
Just an FIY though, if you reuse bags, be sure to remove any to and from tags that might be on them. I once got a Christmas gift in a reused bag from my church secret sister, she had got a gift from her aunt in the same bag and she left the tag on. I had already kind of guessed that she was my secret sister but I knew for sure when I read on the tag "To Cindy, Merry Christmas from Aunt Brenda"

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