Friday, August 10, 2007

Craft Room Prettied-Up

First let me say, I know what a luxury it is to have a room dedicated to just my hobbies. I have always done lots of crafts and make-do projects while we were living on a very low budget and raising our children. Now that we are empty nesters and living in a 4 bedroom home, I have a room just for me. It has been very functional but I spent the last few days making it prettier.
I changed out the big long table for a smaller round one we had stored away and added the tablecloth. Jeff and his dad built the shelves for rubber stamps several years ago and they are so nice for keeping the stamps organized and easy to find.
This picture is a little dark but I wanted you to see the best ironing board in the world. The top is wider than a standard board, it has holders on the end for the iron, starch and the clothes being ironed. It also has a shelf underneath for a storage basket. Walmart sells them for about $50. I like it so much that I bought Nina one for a shower gift.

The valance is made of patchwork bandanas from Hobby Lobby. I used to have them in the guest room but when I decided to use red accents in the craft room, they were perfect to move in to there. No sewing, they are just folded over the existing rod.

The sewing desk belong to Jeff's grandparents and the stool belonged my grandmother.

I trash-picked the little black book shelf in Nina's college neighborhood.
The hat box holds glues, the red heart box holds buttons, the lunch box holds notecards and the suitcase on the bottom holds ribbon.

Inside the closet, I try to keep anything not in use in the closet. I really can't stand clutter.

I still want to add some more red accents.


  1. I love your craft room! It looks very pretty but also very practically set up too. Just perfect. Enjoy it as I too know it is wonderful to have a room of your own...

  2. I just love your crafts room. It looks like a perfect place to spend time, and everything is so organized and pretty. Gosh, I just love all the rubber stamps and that holder that was hand-built!!

  3. Wow, it all looks amazing! My humble little craft room pales in comparison! I'm drooling over those fabulous shelves for your rubber stamps.


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