Friday, August 10, 2007

Fast Food

I really dislike fast food restaurants and rarely eat at them. But sometimes we do need fast meals at home. I did some bulk cooking for the freezer tonight. I made beef taco filling, turkey taco filling, turkey chili with beans and Roma spaghetti sauce. I try to always keep salad ingredients, grated cheddar, chips, crackers, rice and pasta on hand. A meal can be prepared in minutes as long as we have some of my freezer cooking and basic ingredients on hand.
I have been cooking like this for years and my family is very fond of all these entrees. Jimmy and Nina both called today and when I told them what I was cooking, they said they would be over tomorrow to get some for their freezers. I am happy to help them. Jimmy starts law school on Sunday and the newlyweds are still adjusting and have not yet seemed to find a steady routine and I know they will appreciate these meals.
I counted and I think there are 26 containers, most are about a quart size and 10 are pint size.


  1. What a wonderful idea for fast meals - and to share them with your kids as well. I need to do something like this so we don't eat out so much.

  2. I love this photo with all the food stacked on the counter. We emptied our freezer and defrosted it before we left for vacation. This gives me incentive to get to work doing some freezer cooking, so we're all prepared when meal time approaches in the busy fall season!

  3. This is such a good idea. I recently browned a bunch of ground turkey and froze it in sections, but I really should take the next step, and prepare a bunch of meals. It makes things so much easier on busy days.

  4. Rhoda, I was browsing and came across your blog and can't tell you how much I have enjoyed it and it is so informative. I admire you for using coupons and for all the things you do to stretch that almighty dollar further. During these hard economic times, more people should be doing it. Keep smiling and thanks for sharing all you have. You are such an inspiration!


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