Monday, April 7, 2008

$100 of groceries

I set a $100 weekly household spending budget for myself at the first of this year. With grocery prices rising so fast, it continues to be a challenge but so far, I am pretty close to my goal. I added up all my spending for the year and my weekly average actually comes to $112 but I am pretty happy with that.
I bought groceries Thursday and this is what I got. This is my actual list and what I bought.

quilt magazine for my secret sister at church $5.39
a birthday card for Jeff's sister (she would not like my normal homemade cards) .94
yellow squash this was all bruised and I did not buy any, I need it for the veggie challenge and will look for it at Food Pyramid
one head lettuce 1.44
tomatoes - about 2 pounds 1.43
potatoes 5 pounds red and 10 pounds russet 1.98 and 3.47
carrots 2 pounds 1.38
bananas 1.09 2.32 pounds at .47 per pound
apples $1.62 Braeburns, 1.72 pounds at .94 a pound
fruit that might look esp. good and a good deal
8 pounds orange for 5.12
5 pounds grapefruit for 2.50
frozen vegetables - corn, broccoli, 2 bags or so each 3.97
frozen orange juice 4 1.43 each
Clorox one "gallon" jug 1.28
milk 1 gallon 2.89
3 dozen eggs 6.68!
2 pounds real butter 4.56
4 cans peaches in juice 16 ounce cans got 1 gallon can for 4.68
2 bottles salad dressing 3.52
coconut 1 bag 1.48
flour 5 pounds 1.58
pancake syrup 1.58
assorted canned tomatoes - paste, diced, stewed and pureed- total $6.40
bread - I do have a free coupon 2.78 and used coupon so free
hamburger buns 1.18
pepperoni - 1 bag hopefully the turkey kind they did not have these but got a bag of sliced pepper cheese as a substitute for 2.38
2 pounds sharp cheddar 7.98
sliced cheese 2.88
Mozzarella cheese - probably a 2 pound bag 7.36
Vlasic relish, used 2 $1 coupons, .12 a jar

sales tax was $8.41

my total was $101.41

I already had enough meat in the freezer so did not need to buy any. Most of our household and personal products have been bought at Walgreens sales.

Is inflation causing changes in your spending? I would love to hear how you are coping.

My biggest change is no impulse buying and cooking basic foods with not a lot of frills. For example, I baked 3 batches of cookies for our weekend guests, I made oatmeal cookies, snicker doodles and no-bake oatmeal fudge cookies. All 3 recipes are made from basics like flour, sugar, butter, eggs, oatmeal, cocoa and peanut butter instead of more expensive ingredients like nuts, flavored chips, baking chocolates


  1. Rhonda, I have myself just been blogging about rising prices etc here in UK.

    I have joined a grocery challenge on a UK forum which is all about getting the best for your money and even managing to save some for other projects.

    I have a rough monthly budget for all item purchased at the grocery store and butchers of £160 ($320) this includes all toiletries and cleaners. It also includes my orgainc veg box. This is though going to be averaged over the year at the end of the year as sometimes offers are too good to miss especially if it is an item you know you will use in the future.

    So far this year I have spent £580 ($1160) but this did include some extra at the begining of the year to top up the store cupboard.

  2. Rhonda - glad to see you back to blogging. I had missed your posts! Looks like you have been busy and having fun! Susan in SC

  3. Hi Rhonda - the dinner below looked like fun, your son did a great job with the photos! I recently went into one of those dollar stores in my town for something specific and was amazed at the quantity of various items! So, I am going to start going in there more for cleaners, toothpaste, etc. Love, Esther

  4. That is what I usually try to spend at super walmart or the
    grocery store each week too.
    I usually always go over though.:(
    I have enjoyed your blog.


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