Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The story of my KA mixer

First, I will apologize for this tiny picture but I am sure my children would prefer it was even smaller.
Nina has been talking about her new KitchenAid mixer on her blog, she thinks hers is better than my old one but I disagree.
I have been baking since my early teens and a good mixer is so important to have. I got a nice Sunbeam mixer at a bridal shower in 1980. I used it lots but it lasted about 10 years.
In 1990, we were living aboard Camp Pendleton. Jeff was on Okinawa for a 6 month unaccompained tour. I stayed busy with my own children and babysitting neighbors children. When my neighbor Cheryl Trahan, wanted to go see her Marine husband while his MEU was in Hong Kong, I agreed to babysit her daughters, Beth and Vanessa, for the 10 days she would be gone. She paid me $600 as well as taking us to Costco for all the groceries and paper plates we would use those 10 days and she brought us some great gifts from Hong Kong.
I used $300 of that money to buy a Kitchen Aid mixer at K-Mart in San Clemente, California. If you look real close, you can see the mixer in the cart behind Vanessa.
I have no idea why I took this dorky picture in the K-mart parking lot, back then people did not do scrapbooking or blog, I guess it was just for proof that these 5 children could all have a good time and behave on a shopping trip.

I am still using this very Kitchen Aid mixer. I have used it almost everyday since then for cookies or cake or mashed potatoes or bread dough. If only everything lasted as long as this Kitchen Aid!


  1. Rhonda, my mom made wedding cakes professioanlly and she swore by her KitchenAide. I got one as a wedding gift and it still works as if it were brand new! Mama's is still going strong too and I don't know HOW old it is.

  2. I think you have misinterpreted what I wrote. I am glad to have MY KA back because it's mine. I think everyone feels better about using equipment and such that is their own, in case it breaks or something. I also like mine better because the mixing bowl is quite a bit larger. I have been making serveral recipes lately that have filled your KA to the brim, it will be much easier to mix them in a larger bowl.

  3. I love the pic, I remember wearing those "sunsuits".

  4. Rhonda, I have the Kenwood mixer catering size (like a kitchenaid) that my mother bought in 1972 and it is still working as well today as then.


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