Friday, April 4, 2008

rummage and thrift store finds

My parents are here for a visit and the first thing we did this morning was go to that rummage sale I mentioned yesterday. Mom and I were a little disappointed as the selection was not as good as in years past but I think we got some really good deals anyway. After the rummage sale, we came back to my home for a bit. Then we had lunch at Panera with Nina and then we went to 4 thrift stores.
My dad got the best deals today. He got this nice athletic suit at a thrift store. It was brand new with the tags still attached. At the rummage sale, he got 3 pairs of slacks, exactly his size and inseam, also all brand new with the tags still attached.
Here are some of my sack fillers - 8 brand new Christmas napkins and 2 clay pot saucers. I think they are very cute all painted up like Santa but I plan on doing some gardening this summer and will probably just use them under some pots.
4 books for Jeff, a coloring book, clipboard to decoupage, peppermint printed bags to put lawn candles in for Christmas.
a few assorted shirts for Jeff and myself, they don't show up too good but my favorite buy is some brand new black flip flops with flowers on them.
Candy molds and books for Nina
This is all Aida cloth, for counted cross stitch. The pieces are long and not wide though so they will only work for small or long projects. I have not measured them but I think they are all 14 count.
I think we did great. I don't know how much my parents spent but I only spent $3.


  1. I can't wait to get my new molds!

  2. Wow - what a lot of bargains you got. Your dad looks really cool in his suit aswell.


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