Monday, April 14, 2008

Late spring freeze

It is late in the year but we had a freeze last night. Since our plants are already green and starting to form buds, we covered them to keep them from getting freeze damage. We used an assortment of older sheets and tablecloths.
The neighbor girls thought we wacky when we spreading out all this fabric. I was very surprised that none of our neighbors covered their plants as most of them are much more serious about having the perfect yard than Jeff and I are.

Theo thought all these sheets in the front yard were wacky too.

The sheets did their job. When I uncovered everything this morning, the sheets were frosted over but there was no frost damage on any of the covered plants.


  1. Your cold weather is moving this way. We'll have temps in the 30s tonight and tomorrow night. It happens every year. I think that's why we haven't been having any pecans. The spring frost has been killing them before they can even start growing. The trees are too big to cover up though!

  2. LOL The sheets are kind of scary, in a way! Must have looked like ghosts at night!
    Everyday Cookies

  3. We had to cover things a few times this year too. Dh used buckets
    we turned upside down. Glad
    nothing got ruined.


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