Monday, April 7, 2008

Garber Dinner Theater - Wynn Fairly, Champeen Rassler

Twelve from my family went to the Garber Dinner Theater Saturday night. We had a great dinner of veggies and dip, green salad, brisket and ham with potatoes, green beans, hot rolls and lemon cake with sauce.
This is my Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Rex, brother Bert, Dad, Mom, and Lorraine, my uncle's girlfriend. Nina, John, Jimmy, my brother Rex, Jeff and I sat at another table.

Garber plays are not Jimmy's favorite thing so he spent part of the evening with his magazine.
The play was about a dirty "rassler" (wrestler if you don't speak Okie) and his crooked manager.
This is Tara Boneaparte, the manager, Rowdy Ruthless and his vamp sister, Evileen Ruthless.
These were the good characters - Wynn Fairly the wrestler, his girlfriend, Doe Ramey and the undertaker, Mort Ripley.
Bertha deBlooze and her husband.
This play was told like it was radio show in the 1930's. Yes, it was just as corny as the pictures look, but it was lots of fun.

Thanks to my son-in-law John who took most of these pictures. He has been taking a photography class and I think it must be a really good class. Most of these pictures were taken in the dark without a flash.

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