Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun pictures for Veterans Day

Serving in the Military is a serious duty but I remember having lots of fun while Jeff was an active duty Marine. One of his biggest Marine accomplishments was being promoted to Warrant Officer. He was away at school for about 6 months. When he graduated, my dad rented this sign and put it in his front yard.
Having a light up sign in the front yard was lots of fun. We were all pretty happy to have Jeff back too.
I made these cross-stitch pictures while Jeff was gone. The first one is the Marine mascot, a bulldog. The second one is an officers sword, gloves and cover (or hat to all you don't know Marine talk) The third is the Marine seal with the eagle, globe and anchor in the center.
And the cutie in the red USMC t-shirt is Nina at 3 years old.
This was at a family day and the kids all got their faces painted in camouflage. They thought they were pretty tough looking.


  1. What nice memories you must have! I know it was a lot of sacrifice on your part too!

  2. Being a military spouse is a tough job. Thanks to both you and Jeff for your sacrifice and service to this country.

  3. That light up sign was such a great idea! I'm an army brat and I remember how my Dad had to be gone for such long stretches and how happy I always was when he got to be home. As Edie said, thanks to all of you for the sacrifice and service to this country.


  4. Tell your husband "Thank You" for me for serving our country!

  5. Praise the Lord for those who serve!

    Love those photos! Cute kids!


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