Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

For some reason, blogger and my computer are not in the mood to upload any more new pictures, so here is just 1 picture from Thanksgiving 2008.
This is our daughter in law Bridgette and our son Bobby - yes, his current choice of hair is not what I would prefer, but after I got used to his mohawk, it is a little cute.
This is what he looked for 7 years while he worked as an animal welfare officer. Now, Bobby is a college student, works part time on a sod farm.
Bridgette does the public relations for a heat and air manufacturer and is the singer for a band. Bobby does the bands lights and roadie-type stuff.

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  1. What a lovely couple. Hair will grow, but I think he is very handsome. Your DIL is lovely too.


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