Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Marines!

Today is the 233th birthday of the United States Marines. You probably won't find it on your calendar but the Corps birthday day is a big deal for all Marines.

Jeff in Boot Camp, 1975, in MCRD San Diego.

Jeff and I at one of the many balls we went to - this one was in 1984 in Oklahoma City.

Jeff was stationed at the reserve center on staff as an active duty inspector/instructor. This is a group picture of all of that staff and their wives. Don't laugh at the dresses too much, it was 1985 after all!

Jeff out doing Marine work.

If you know a Marine, tell him Happy Birthday today.

And thank all the Veterans and current Military members tomorrow for their service to this country on Veterans Day.


  1. great post! I too have attended a Marine Corp Ball! We were in Camp LeJeune North Caroina at the time.
    Happy birthday Marine Corp!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. My son is a US Marine in Washington State and lovin' it!

    One proud Mama~ Cinnamon

  3. Great Post Rhonda,
    Please send me your email me your email address so when i close my blog on Thursday i can send you an invite.

  4. BCG's! I am so glad the military has branched out with their glasses variety these days... I remember my dad wearing those, and am very glad that my husband doesn't have too! He looks very smart in his uniform, those Marine hats look much better than the Air Force cap things.

    I have several cousins that are/were Marines, and there is just something special about them. They really are in there for every man. They are sending my brother to school right now, and although his future job with them will be a dangerous one, I am very proud that he will be part of such an amazing military unit!


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