Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Mom's green kitchen

I thought you all might like to see my mom's pretty green kitchen. Green is her favorite color. The counters have avocado green Formica tops. And if you look close, you can see the handles of the avocado green fridge in the very right side of the picture. It amazes me that an appliance can still be in perfect working order after 38 years. (Our major appliances seem to last just about 5 years)
The floors are red brick tiles. The cabinets are just plain door fronts with white porcelain knobs.
The kitchen window was 3 glass shelves and Mom changes out different colored glass collections there. They look really pretty when the sun is shining through.
Mom always said her style was "Early American" and she liked the Country Living magazine style long before it was so publicized.
Mom and Dad planned custom built their home in 1969 and we moved in right after New Years in 1970.
This picture is a few years old, even still Mom always has looked very young.


  1. It is just lovely. I adore th color green too!


  2. LOVE it, and can think of all kinds of decorating ideas with avacado green, but when my hubby and I lived in our first rental {back in the counrty blue phase also known as the 90's} I could not for the life of me appreciate the avacado green kitchen I had! Go figure....

  3. Very nice and green! I can't tell you have fond memories of Mom's green kitchen.

    Your mom is very pretty btw!

  4. She looks like she belongs in that kitchen! She has such a sweet smile. I love the green!!

  5. Thank you my precious daughter for showing my green kitchen and after all these years I still love it! And thanks to your readers for their nice and sweet comments. Today they are welcome as am on the way to dentist with broken tooth. Love to ALL....

  6. Your momma looks like Martha Stewart in that photo, the way she is opening her dishwasher! I love the green, my counters are 1960's minty green tile but I love them too!

  7. I had that same green kitchen once upon a time. I've moved too many times and passed that by. Your Mom looks so young.


  8. I loooove RoRo's green kitchen! I think it's my favorite kitchen and my favorite RoRo. :)


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