Sunday, August 23, 2009

2 weeks worth of yard sale treasures

Jeff and I went to yard sales yesterday and the Saturday before, but my life is pretty busy right now and I am just getting around to posting them.
And these will probably be the last yard sales we go to for awhile. Jeff will have a total knee replacement surgery this week.
So, I may not do much blogging at all in the next few weeks.
We got some great stuff yesterday, so here it is.....
this sweet handmade quilt was just $1 at the VFW sale. It is a lap quilt, about a yard square.
I like it so much because the colors and prints look like a quilt my grandmother would of sewed. She like to put bright colors together too.

New linens~
these were from a home in the high-priced neighborhood
the red checks is a long tablecloth that fits our long dining table perfectly,
the yellow damask are 6 nice napkins with a crocheted edge
and a brand new package of 4 Williams-Sonoma dish clothes.

Vintage linens
these are also from the VFW sale - all four tablecloths were 25 cents.
2 of them are long and will work on our long table. The other 2 are square and should be fine in the breakfast room or on the patio.

lots of Tupperware at the VFW sale - these were all 20 or 25 cents each

a few books for Gavin

Now on to last week - last weeks pictures are so dark - I guess a black tablecloth is not a good background
a cute little hanging bird and a set of cookie cutters, also with a bird in the set

Books and a toy for Gavin

a scary looking apothecary jar - it looks much better cleaned up
and 3 picture frames for Nina - she has been making a family picture on a big wall in their new home. She painted a big assortment of frames the same color and she says they look great - I'll see it Monday night when she is hosting a jewelry party.
2 lamps for a guest room - just $1 for the pair
if you are a yard-saler, I hope you had a good week too!
Head over to Rhoda's Southern Hospitality Blog for lots more yard sale treasures.


  1. You got some really nice things! I love those vintage tablecloths. Great deals!

  2. Wow-great finds! I love the quilt and the new linens... especially all the vibrant and lovely colors! :)

  3. Best wishes for Jeff's surgery. My dad had it done and was up and around surprisingly quick!

    I love the linens and what deals.

  4. Hey Rhonda! I also use the $1 spray paint from Wal-Mart! Great minds think alike, huh? LOL I get good results with it. From what I see on other blogs the one to use is Krylon or Rustoleum (?). I just don't know if the extra money is really worth the price difference.

  5. Rhonda, GREAT finds!!! I love the tablecloths for 25.

  6. I would have HAD to have the Wms Sonoma towels! :)

  7. Sending prayers and positive energy to Jeff for his upcoming surgery. I am sure you will be busy as he is recovering but remember I am thinking of you. I hope this is the last time he will need the surgery.

    Hugs ~

  8. LOVE the quilt and linens!!!!!!!!!!!

    love, kelee

  9. Awesome finds! I love the lamps and those linens are awesome! I love the yellow! I will be praying for your family and your husband a speedy recovery.

  10. I can't believe all the treasures you found!!

  11. Great stuff! The linens, the birds, those lamps!

  12. I adore the vintage table clothes!

  13. The table linens were an excellent buy at the VFW sale. And the napkins and the new dish towels are such a pretty yellow. The prices in your area are pretty darn good!
    :-) Sue

  14. OMGosh a $1 for a pair of lamps!!! Great Score. Love the new linens and the vintage tablecloths and their great colors!

  15. Wow, you did well. Those vintage tablecloths are gorgeous!!!

  16. Cute little birdy! Wishing your hubby a speedy recovery!!

  17. I love that apothecary jar! Good luck during the recovery!

  18. Love all your garage sale finds.

    Good luck to Jeff. I had my right knee replaced March 30 and although the first few weeks were a little rough I can kneel on it, get up and down easily and haven't fallen since.


  19. Great finds!

    Good luck to Jeff on his knee replacement surgery. My mom had it done in March and she is SOOOOOO much better than before she had it!

  20. Such a lot of thrifty finds. I love the jar.

  21. Wow Rhonda Great Deals I need to start garage sale~ing again!!

  22. Oh my goodness, I LOVE those linens! Great deals and finds, Rhonda.



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