Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Week 33

Purchases - everything is from Walmart this week
giant double pack of Lysol Wipes - these will last a long time, I like them for special cleaning like the computer, remotes, phones, etc.
bleach for laundry - all whites at our house get washed in hot water with bleach to kill any germs
1 loaf of bread
tabbouleh mix
2 pounds white cheddar
20 pounds white sugar and 6 pounds brown sugar - I did not pay attention to the details but I've heard about a possible U.S. sugar shortage coming - I heard it twice on the news and saw it once online. If there really is a shortage, sugar prices will rise. And if not, well, I have a big pantry and I don't think sugar spoils.

Meals this week
Tasty Lentil Tacos with Mexican rice and toppings
smoked chicken, oven fries and spinach with onions
a late breakfast after garage sales of biscuits, ham and eggs and OJ
a late lunch/early supper at Texas Roadhouse
coffee cake for breakfast
lunch - Pampered Chef Taco Ring and a big salad - we liked it so much that we ate some of the leftovers for supper too.
meatless marinara sauce with pasta, more salad
Baked chicken, squash, salad and cantaloupe


  1. There wasn't a sugar shortage until you went shopping! LOL! (just kidding!) Actually, you will be glad you have that when it comes time to do that holiday baking! I have sugar on my shopping list for this week. Maybe I'll pick up an extra...

    I love your cheery pantry!

  2. You're scaring me a little ... I do like sugar ... very much ... too much!

    Your menus sound delicious!


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