Thursday, August 13, 2009

3 products I really like

When I buy something, I like to read or hear opinions from other people who have used those products. I really like that feature on, and
Here are some products I've recently tried for the first time and like so much, they will always be in my home.
Tide Totalcare
I was completely out of laundry soap a few weeks ago. I took several coupons to the store with me and bought 4 kinds. To be honest, I only bought this Tide TotalCare because I had a coupon on it and because it has a money back guarantee. After using it on several weeks, it gets out every stain, the clothes come out soft and static free and it has a great light scent.
When Jeff grilled chicken and ribs a few weeks ago, he got that spice mixture, sauce and meat drippings all over a brand new shirt. Those are some the toughest stains and this Tide got them all out on the first washing.
It is more expensive than many detergents but you don't have to use spot treatments or fabric softeners, so I don't think it really ends up costing much more.
I've tried the homemade options - I made detergent twice but it did not clean our clothes and remove spots, homemade fabric softener seemed to make the dryer lint gummy and I stopped using it out of fear it might ruin the clothes dryer.
We like fresh spinach but it is expensive, spoils quickly and cooks down to almost nothing. Jeff likes canned spinach, it is cheap and easy but I can't stand it.
I found this cut leaf spinach in 1 pound bags in the frozen section at Walmart for $1.34.
It tastes pretty close to fresh spinach, makes a big pan even after cooking and the price is great.

We've been Pace salsa loyal for years. A few months ago, I printed some high value coupons in one of the contests. We tried these new varieties and both are excellent.
The Salsa Verde has a very nice spicy flavor but is not at all hot. It is especially good on chicken enchiladas and chicken tacos.
The Mexican Four Cheese is so nice for nachos. It has plenty of spice too and is easy to heat a serving sized portion in the microwave.


  1. I'm hungry for chicken tacos now! Yum! I'll try that salaa verde...the Mister doesn't like things quite as hot as me.

    I've always been an Era girl. I heard that Tide actually makes it, but it's priced cheaper. I've never had to buy a spot treatment either.
    I'm intrigued by the softener aspect of this, though!

  2. I'll have to give those products a try, Rhonda!

  3. I am so lucky living in Holland where vegetables are cheap. I pay only 39 to 59 euro cents right now for a bag of spinach. I can buy the world's biggest zucchini for 50 cents to a euro. Cauliflower is only 79 cents and broccoli only 69 cents. We are big veggie eaters.

    I buy the Aldi washing powder and fluid. Sometimes Lidl too. They are way cheaper than our other brands and work just as well.

    Hugs ~

  4. We've always used Tide and have been very happy with it! I recently bought a bottle of Gain because so many people raved about that and I had a coupon and that works very well too and it has a lovely scent!


  5. I've never had a problem with "cheaper" laundry detergent not getting clothes clean or getting stains out. I use Purex or Era (when it's on sale). I don't use any fabric softener - bad for the clothes AND the dryer.


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