Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday to-do list & a quick fix

My week is starting out with lots of chores I want to get done. This is my to-do list for things at home on the left with a short shopping list on the right. I've already crossed off a few things as completed - and I hope it is all done before Friday anyway.

Here is my progress on my postage stamp quilt - 800 hundred blocks sewn together so far. I think traditional postage stamp quilts might use a smaller piece, mine are 2 inches before sewing. And some of my seams my not match exactly, so if you are a quilt-perfectionist, you might not approve.
I am having fun making it and Baby Gavin seems to like it so far too.

I gave our hall bathroom a very good cleaning this morning. I noticed the shower curtain bar was looking pretty bad. I will probably buy a new one, I think this one is 7 years old.
But for now, I cleaned it real good and gave it coat of black spray paint.
And for now, I think it works just fine in this yellow, black and white bathroom.


  1. Love the quilt & the improved shower curtain rod!

  2. I love lists and work off of them obsessively! The best part is crossing off the stuff, isn't it? Such a sense of accomplishment!

    We have those exactly same ceramic tiles in part of our house! :)

  3. I love the quilt! Pretty colors in your bathroom :)

  4. Love the list... I love crossing things off even more! That postage stamp quilt is AWESOME!

  5. Now I wanna make a quilt! Great job with the rod!

  6. Look at little Gavin sitting by that quilt! He looks so cute!

  7. I am not a list maker. I prefer to operate by the seat of my pants and what mood strikes me. I love your Postage Stamp quilt. I have collected a lot of 1.5 inch squares, but haven't started putting them together. I love your shower curtain too. Isn't it amazing how grungy a shower rod can get?

  8. Look at Baby Gavin sitting by himself - such a sweetie. Be sure and save this photo. What other six month baby has his picture taken with a postage stamp WIP sewed by his grandmother. Love love the quilt - you are so so fast! Your Mom

  9. How fun that you started your postage stamp quilt. I did too but I don't have sweeet baby Gavin to model mine for It looks great and isn't all that color fun? Speaking of fun, that is such an important part of quilting. I do hope to share some of mine soon. Technically, a postage stamp quilt is made of 2 inch or smaller squares so you are doing it correctly. They are fun right now since they seem to fit with the idea of the financial crisis since they are using all we have. I loved using the charm quilt theme this year for that reason.

    Gavin is really growing. He looks so cute in his new chair.

    Hugs ~

  10. Gavin is a cutie! I really like the quilt. I have lots of little pieces---maybe that was my reason to save them. The Lord knew down the road I would find this blog and had me keep them. I signed up thru the local college to take a quilt class. It is only 5 weeks on Thursday nights 6-8:30 so hope to learn basics. I tack the quilts I do now. I would love to learn machine and hand. Love your blog!



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