Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thrifty finds this week

We hit the road in search of yard sales Saturday morning. A few of the sales were so bad, well, it is hard to describe just how bad they were. Maybe the sellers don't have trash pick-up and thought a yard sale would be a good way to get rid of their garbage.
But we did find a couple good ones.
This apothecary jars were 25 cents each
The little mug shakers, for salt, pepper, cinnamon sugar, were 10 cents.

Jimmy wanted another drying rack. This one was a really good deal

And we always find a few things for Gavin.
These like new suction toys were 50 cents and the board books were a dime.

These toys actually belonged a little girl and there were so many nice clothes at this sale, mothers were buying them by the armful.
This little book is so funny - it has little flaps that cover parts of the page
Crown and duck uncovers to be.....

Duck wears the crown

scarf and egg become

The egg wears the scarf

beans and sock become......

Beans are in the sock.

I know my children would of giggled if they read these books and I am pretty sure Gavin will too.
For lots more thrifty finds, you are invited to Rhoda's party every week.


  1. I love the apothecary jars! I haven't been lucky enough to find any at the thrift/secondhand stores. :(

    Lots of great goodies!

  2. I think that I have been to sales that make me wonder like what you described. They are bad, just bad.

    You still found some great treasures!

  3. Happy Day !
    LOve all your finds - You Go Girl !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  4. Love that book! I adore reading children's books. Always have, even before the boys. I know Gavin will love this book!

  5. Love the glass and wooden drying rack! SCORE...

  6. Great finds! I've been looking for apothecary jars for months, but haven't had any luck yet.

  7. Those apothecary jars are great! I can never pass those up. So many uses for them. The drying rack is a great find too. I love mine, and I try to use the dryer as little a possible!

  8. Hi Rhonda,
    What a fun time you had. I lookward to seeing your menu on Wednesdays.

  9. Great finds in spite of bad yard sales!!

  10. I Have a Blog Award for you! You can pick it up back at my blog. If you have the time Thanks!

  11. love getting toys and books at yardsales. so cheap! great finds

  12. The last thing I bought at a garage sale was months ago. It was a little jar like you got, but smaller, and I paid $1. I thought it was sort of high, but I like glass storage. Still it sits empty, with nothing in it yet. So guess I didn't need it as much as I thought I did. That's why I don't often go to those sales. Afraid I will bring home things I have no place or use for!

  13. You always amaze me with the things you find and for those prices. There are no yard sales here and even things in our thrift shops are never for these kinds of prices. Right now I am more busy with getting rid of things I no longer use. I am actually enjoying our decluttering as well as the money it has brought in.

    I use jars just like the one in the back of your photo. They are in my quilt studio with things like ribbons, trims, buttons and pins in them.

    Hugs ~

  14. I love the jars. I need to pick up a few, as I have no apothecary jars in the house as of yet. I struggle with space issues in this tiny home! I use my drying rack all the time, but have thought recently of converting mine into the built in that Ballard Designs sells. Have you seen that one? Great deal on the ground beef, btw. If we were close, I'd trade you some butter for some beef!


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