Friday, July 31, 2009

Changes, Changes....

I like to change things around every so often. And I recently had a bee in my bonnet to change around lots of things.
We have 3 mostly unoccupied bedrooms and none of them were being used to their potential. So, with lots of help from Jeff with the big stuff, we have pretty much flopped around 5 rooms.
The back bedroom now holds my craft stuff and the computer - it is pretty much organized but not decorated so check back later when I finish and post some pictures.
This is one of the front bedrooms and was mostly a craft room.
Now, this end of the front corner bedroom is clean and empty - just waiting for a bed for guests, a valance for the window and some decorations on the walls.

Gavin's things are on the end of this same corner bedroom.
The 3rd bedroom is now set up as a guest room and.
Jimmy and his stuff are in that room until he goes back to college -
I'm sure you can imagine why I am not posting pictures of that room either.

We swapped out the furniture in the front dining room. It did have a big glass table with 6 heavy metal chairs.
Now, it has Jeff's grandparent's long dining table.
The black chairs were in the breakfast area and the white chairs were in the craft room. The black chair seats were pink and black stripes, but I recovered them all with fabric in my stash. Now, 2 are polka dot, one is checked and one is toile.

This long table and smaller chairs make this room seem much bigger.
I found a long enough piece of black fabric on hand to sew up a table cloth.
While I was sewing and measuring, I got out this $1 sheet from a recent garage sale and also sewed up a white tablecloth for when I want to switch out the black one.

I don't know why these pictures are so dark - I thought the flash was on....

In the breakfast room, we are now using an oak table and chairs that were in the attic.

While I was sewing up these bibs, my sewing machine quit.
I've tried everything I know to fix it but I think it is serious.
While I decide whether to get my machine repaired, if it can be repaired, or do some research on buying a new machine, Nina is letting me borrow her machine.
You all may of noticed that Nina and John do their sewing at my house anyway
She has my mother's old Singer, the machine I learned to sew on.
I made the tablecloths with it today and it sews like a dream too.
So thank you a bunch Nina!


  1. What cool changes you've made. I always enjoy changing my home around.

  2. My goodness! You and Jeff have been very busy! I can't wait to see all the changes you make. I really like that long table!

  3. Ironic, you borrowed it from Nina after you refused my offer to give it to you. Mom

  4. Mom, I have always like this Singer best of any machine - I don't remember you ever offering it to me.....

  5. Hi Rhonda,
    We must be twins. LOL I love to change things around. Dave never knows where he is going to find things around here. LOL I have a new Brother Sewing Machine that I love. It has some many features I am still learning them all.
    Have a blessed week end.

  6. All of your hard work is paying off! It will feel like a brand new place when you get all finished! Lovely!

  7. I really like that you mixed up the fabric on upholstering those chairs! (Please show, I couldn't see!) I had never thought of doing that. But now that I'm looking at sets of my silverware and dishes (thinking, why did I want sets of things and now I want just a little of this and that?), my whole point of view has changed. And as for the rooms, I have come to the point in my life where I don't care if a room was intended for a dining room or whatever. It will be called whatever I can use the most!

  8. I love changing things around! I always feel like I get a new house (for free) when I do it! Everything looks just fabulous! That was lucky be able to borrow the sewing machine!


  9. I love to switch things around, too. And I would LOVE to have some spare bedrooms! We have a 3-bedroom home, but our 2 boys are still here. Once they move out (hopefully, someday, lol), I have plans to make one bedroom my office & scrapbooking room. I don't blame you for not posting pics of Jimmy's room - I wouldn't post pictures of my boys' rooms either! ;-)

  10. I would hate to be without my sewing machine even on days I don't plan to use it. Now that is addiction. It is knowing that I CAN pop upstairs and use it IF I I am glad you could borrow Nina's.

    The house is looking great. I am excited to see you craft room. I am in the middle of reorganizing my quilt studio. How did I ever buy some much stuff??? I cannot even fit my fabric stash into the room. Once I get this done, I will come clean and share some photos of both the mess and the room now. I try and do a little each time I feel up to it.

    I cannot believe you had the oak table and chairs in your attic. They are beautiful. And the recovering of your other set has turned out beautifully.

    Hugs ~

  11. Hi Rhonda! I just found you via Penny Ann Poundwise' newsletter. Just wanted to tell you that I love your dining room! I can tell by the feet of the table that you have the same dining room table as I do - also my grandparents'! I've been wanting to paint mine white, but not for sure on that yet. The black & white toile curtains are gorgeous - love the ribbon trim at the bottom, and then the polka dot pullbacks with fringe trim - adorable! The different type chairs with the different seats are a nice touch, too. You've given me some ideas to get started with. Leslie Anne


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