Thursday, July 23, 2009

Theme Thursday - shoes

Theme Thursday this week is "shoe"
I am not a typical American woman with 50 or more pairs of shoes in my closet. I don't think I've ever had as many pairs as the average person. My feet have always been flat and they decided to be even crankier a few years ago with heel spurs, bunions and hammer toes.
Now, I pick out shoes very carefully. I always try them on before I buy them and I really dislike shopping.
So, I kind of took today's topic as a sign that I should go shoe-shopping. My town is having their annual Krazy Daze sales where most all the stores take their clearance items outside under tents and prices are supposed to be cheap.
I went to 3 stores and everything I bought was inside - so I don't guess I had to shop during Krazy Daze after all, but everything was on sale.
I got 2 pairs of shoes at Famous Footwear.
And I figured as long as I was out shopping, I might as well look at clothes too.
I don't really like shopping for clothes either.

I bought 6 tops - only 5 are in the picture because I am wearing one - and black capris and a brown culotte type skirt.
So, I should be fixed for shoes and clothes for quite some time.


  1. your new wardrobe looks very comfy....

  2. glad my wife did not get the same impression from the theme...i might be broke. smiles. enjoy the new acquisitions.

  3. I don't have 50 pair but I have a great many pair...not as many as when I was younger. Just love shoes!

  4. New clothes and fun!

  5. How fun Rhonda. My feet are so small I have to special order my shoes. I love all your projects below.

  6. I think that restraint is a very admirable quality when shopping!

  7. I visited your blog post by way of Kimba's Do It Yourself Day. Based upon your "Krazy Daze" sale finds, I am guessing we live in the same OK town.

  8. cute shoes and tops! I don't have a lot of shoes either.

  9. I practice using the trick of not looking at anything so very long, and end up wanting to buy it! -Jayne

  10. ....huh? Oh, sorry. I was reading your household expenditures for 2009. Where do you get all those coupons? And some nice selections for one who doesn't like to shop, wot?

  11. I thought we were the only town with Krazy Daze sales this week-- I'm in Edmond. Nice to meet another OK blogger.

  12. Well, I like your TAKE on TT! I wish I had done the same and given myself permission to SHOP! I DO love to shop!
    Have a great weekend!


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