Friday, July 10, 2009

The Sewing Son In Law Part 2

This is our son in law John.
He and Nina are celebrating their second wedding anniversary.
The traditional gift for 2nd year is cotton so John wanted to sew something for Nina.
He picked out a pattern for wrap pants that Nina will wear as a beach cover-up on their upcoming trip to Top Sail N.C.
At Christmas, you may remember he sewed some potholders for Nina.

He used Simplicity pattern # 4192.
This pattern was easy to sew even with the darts and turning the ties.
I've helped lots of people learn to sew and John is just about the easiest student I've ever had. He is a math teacher so the numbers and measuring don't bother him and and he is also a football coach so he is just about fearless.

John is also a shrinking son-in-law. He has lost about 100 pounds since they got married.

Here are some pictures from their wedding.
the wedding
the reception
more at the reception


  1. Now that is a real man! I love it.

  2. Great job John! Congrats on the weight loss, that's awesome!!

  3. Rhonda,

    What a great son-in-law! My husband couldn't even thread a needle let alone make me something. He doesn't even like to buy things for me unless it's an appliance.


  4. I'm so proud of him! First for not being a guy who isn't willing to do "girly stuff" for his wife. What a sweetheart.

    I'm also very proud of him for working so hard to lose the weight. After 17 years of marriage, my husband had picked up a lot of weight for various reasons. But in January he started working along with the other 3 of us, to get healthier. He's lost 67 pounds since Jan. 1!!

    Congrats John!

  5. That just really touches my heart that a man would want to sew something for his wife. Aww. Also, how awesome is it that he has lost 100 lbs??

  6. Wow ... what a guy! Way to go, John!



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