Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thrifty finds this week

Lovely pillows, huh? I know you all are jealous.
They were clean and still very fluffy. I bought them to recover them with these striped napkins.
Much better!
These are for son Jimmy's apartment.

I almost always find a few things for grand baby Gavin.
Every little Oklahoma farm boy needs a pair of size 1 Wranglers - they still have the tags on them, I got them for $1!
Round House Overalls - also brand new

a few everyday play clothes - 25 cents each

Theo is not thrifty, but he is really sweet and he wants to tell you all hello.

Rhoda has a new blog address. She's still hosting her weekly thrifty party and you can see lots more thrifty purchases if you attend. Her new address is Southern Hospitality Blog


  1. The little Wranglers and overalls are too cute!!

  2. Ahhh what a sweet face. Love your finds too. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hello, Theo!! Did you go thrifting this week too???
    Great pillow make over.

  4. What a cutie! Good makeover on those pillows! They look very Pottery Barn!


  5. Your pillows turned out great! What a cute little dog!

    Debbie :)

  6. You did good on the clothes, especially the new ones.

  7. You rescued those forsaken pillows. Glad you liked the pictures! I have no idea what people were thinking back in the 70's when such beastly things were made.

  8. Hi Rhonda !
    I love all the great finds for your grandson - he is one lucky little guy !
    I recently bought some sorry looking pillows for 50 cents each and will be re-covering them too. The new ones uncovered are pricey !
    Your pup is sweet - I bet he is spoiled like mine !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  9. Great job on the pillows! love your blog.

  10. What a sweet Grandma you are! Great job on the pillows!! The look much better! hee hee

  11. Okay, I must confess to wondering how in the world those hairy and fluffy things could make me jealous of you! LOL nice transformation on those colorful "tribbles."
    :-) Sue

  12. The pillows are wonderful!

    I have a thing for little boys in overalls! All 4 of mine had lots of pairs...just adorable!

  13. Amazing transformation of those pillows! Now that took a lot of imagination on your part to see the "before" and envision the "after!"

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice comments. Hope your week goes well!


  14. Great finds! Love love love the pillows! Awesome deals on the clothes, the little overalls are sooo cute! Around where are you in Ok? We moved from there about 8 years ago, my family is in Locust Grove, and Tulsa Ok! I love it and miss it!

  15. Theo is so adorable! I love your pillow makeovers, you did a fantastic job!

  16. I love your pillows; they are gorgeous. Great bargain finds, too!

  17. Hello Rhonda - thank you for sharing all your great finds! I love what you did to those pillows, and how sweet to make them for your son.


  18. Hi Theo! You've got pretty eyes! I like how those pillows turned out! Definitely like the after better than the before!

  19. I think that Theo is the best deal and I want to say hello back:)


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